Orthodontic Postcard Marketing

Orthodontic postcard marketing is a very powerful tool to communicate your message and get directly in contact with your patients to grow your practice. Postcards can be used as information pieces, as mailers to attract new patients, or as inserts into other marketing pieces. However you choose to use postcards, they are an extremely powerful tool for your orthodontic practice!

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Use Postcards To Build Your Practice

How TO Build Your Campaign
how to design a postcard marketing campaign

Orthodontic Postcard Marketing Case Study

Case Study

Learn how one of our clients generated over $80,000 in sales off of their postcard campaign. We managed everything from design, copywriting, mailing list selection, mailing services, paperwork & delivery.

  1. The Client – Murray Orthodontics, Colorado.
  2. The Goal – Generate new patients, and to promote their Damon services.
  3. The Plan

We spent a week with Dr. Murray, learning his practice, his goals, and who he is as a orthodontist. We then translated this due diligence into a custom postcard that reflected his practice, and created copy that would generate the best response for his goals. In addition, we decided that it would be best to print 15,000 cards upfront, so that Dr. Murray could save even further with reduced volume discounts. If you want to learn more about how we can target a custom designed postcard to promote your practice, please let us know! Call Us!

The Results

In total, the client spent $6,499 or .43 cents per card (including postage), that generated 17 new patients at an average fee of $5,000 per patient. We managed the whole process from creative, copy, print ordering, mailing list selection, mailing services, and all delivery and paperwork to the post office.

Orthodontic Postcard Case Study

Call Tracking

Support your ad campaign with call tracking software so you can continue to market to those customers who are most interested in your services.

In fact, call tracking is a key component used in assessing the response rate for an ad campaign. Call tracking allows you to obtain a better insight into your lead and conversion statistics by tracking the phone calls made in response to your direct mail campaigns or online initiatives.

Keeping Track Of Calls Is Important!

Phone call tracking permits orthodontists to understand their market by reviewing offline and online marketing activities.  By reviewing these activities, you can learn what causes people to call your office. When you know this information, you can better learn how to reach customers who are directly interested in your services.

Use call-tracking software to provide you with a direct view into the success of your direct marketing strategy.  Some of the amenities offered by call tracking applications can show which direct mail campaigns are the most effective, as well as what keywords work with respect to conversions. Consequently, the software can cover your efforts both online and off-line.

We Have mailed Thousands Of Postcards

Piggy-back off our experience and let us guide you through a postcard marketing campaign


Full Color Printing

All of your postcards are printed in full color on both sides, using premium paper.

Campaign Management

You will have a dedicated campaign manager for each postcard marketing campaign.

Custom Mailing Lists

We have the best data in the industry and know what works to drive new patients.

Postage Discounts

Whether we are mailing Every Door Direct or Bulk, we find you the max postage discounts.

Mailing Services

We use the latest technology in barcode printing and mailing and prepare your mail to the USPS.

CaLL Tracking

A marketing campaign would not be complete without tracking if it works.

We Are EDDM Experts!

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcard marketing enables you to focus on an ad mail campaign that will save you money. Here, at Orthodontic Print Source, we can provide you with the advice and design services you need to target your market effectively.

EDDM postcard marketing can save you money, as postcards are cheaper to mail and can be printed in noticeable and unforgettable images and fonts. To set up an EDDM mailing you will first need to set up an account at your local post office. Orthodontic Print Source can assist you with establishing an account.

Select A Radius Around Your Practice

Orthodontic EDDM

Why EDDM Mailings Are More Cost-effective

EDDM mailings are set up by choosing routes using an EDDM mapping tool. A user guide, provided by the post office, explains all the steps that are required for selecting delivery routes. While you can use mailing lists for smaller mailings, you do not need to acquire a mailing list for EDDM. Moreover, we can design a larger postcard for mailing, as it will cost you less money.

Capture Your Audience’s Attention

When sending out postcards, use a vibrant and clear design that instantly captures the reader’s notice. At Orthodontic Print Source, we can advise you on the best image or fonts to select. Because we feature a four-color process for our postcards, your mailing will convey a high-definition and high-resolution appearance – one that is superior in quality.

Selecting a Drop-off Date for Your EDDM Mailing

After you decide on the design and fonts for your postcards, we can prepare the postcards for your mailing. After this phase, an EDDM drop-off date is selected. The date that is chosen is based on the number and location of the deliveries.

Send the Postcards in Bundles

Mail pieces or postcards are sent in bundles of 50 to 100 for EDDM marketing purposes.

Formatting the Postcard

We can help you format your postcard for an EDDM mailing by making sure the placement of the postage and address labels are correctly positioned.  Orthodontic Print Source is well experienced in formatting postcard mailings for EDDM delivery.

Adding the Labeling and Postage

When creating a mailing label, Orthodontic Print Source, will place it on the top half part of the postcard. A retail indicia is placed in the right corner for the postage. It generally reads as follows:


The maximum weight for each postcard is 3.3 ounces.

Mail Up to 5,000 Postcards

Most businesses and practices select EDDM for direct marketing, as the service permits up to 5,000 mail pieces per ZIP code each day. A postage permit is not required for these accounts. Business accounts at the post office, or companies and clinics that send out over 5,000 mail pieces in a ZIP code per day, must obtain a postage permit.

The Cost Of EDDM Postcard Marketing

Because you do not need a mailing permit with EDDM deliveries, the postage per mail piece is roughly 17.6 cents. By using EDDM for postcard or similar mailings, you can eliminate added postal expenses or any confusion. Orthodontic Print Source is committed to helping you obtain more customers through our design, print, and mail services.

Save 50% off Each Postcard You Mail

By comparison, the cost to deliver a regular postcard is 34 cents. You are cutting your postal card expense in half by choosing to bulk mail postcards using EDDM.

Design Samples

orthodontist graphic design ideas

You can include messages with your orthodontic referral cards or place the invitations on your referral notepads. Below are some of our examples:  

  • MESSAGE 1: We always welcome new orthodontic patients. If you have just moved into the area and are seeking an orthodontist, please call and visit our office. We have a number of orthodontic solutions for straightening teeth, including ceramic braces and aligners, each of which are hardly noticeable. Call us today to schedule your first appointment.
  • MESSAGE 2: We would like to get to know you better. Our orthodontic practice is devoted to providing orthodontic treatment options that cover various lifestyles, patient preferences, and straightening requirements. If you want a healthier, straighter smile, we can work with you to determine the best treatment approach and arrange convenient scheduling. We also offer a number of attractive payment arrangements for your care. If you are currently seeking orthodontic treatment, please stop by or call our office today. We take pride in our ability to make the patient feel comfortable, positive, and at ease.
  • MESSAGE 3: From children to adults, our orthodontic practice features complete orthodontic care for all age groups. Moreover, our staff has the experience and know-how to make new patients feel welcome and comfortable. We invite you to visit our orthodontic family today. Convenient office hours make scheduling a breeze. Please let us know how we can help you realize a straighter and healthier looking smile.

Mailing Lists

While you may already have a list of existing patients, Orthodontic Print Source can help you upgrade your current consumer mailing list by profiling your listing, targeting new customers, and modeling the details to promote specific services and products.

Receive 13 Popular Selects Free of Charge

Receive 13 of the most requested selects for your mailing list, free of charge! By taking advantage of this opportunity, you target a larger number of customers and direct your message to individuals who best fit your practice’s initiatives.

Types of Selects

The free mailing list selects offered by Orthodontic Print Source include the following:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Households with children
  • Gender and age of children
  • Property values
  • Length of residence
  • Homeowner or renter
  • The year a home was built
  • Geographic location
  • Housing type
  • Households featuring seniors
Super Fresh and Deliverable

Our super fresh mailing lists at Orthodontic Print Source are guaranteed to be 92% deliverable within 30 days. They are also updated each month, ensuring that your mailing list is always current. We offer a large database for targeting new patients as well.

Is There a Pattern?

In fact, we make it simple for orthodontic practices to target new patients. That is because we are able to choose from various targeting options, such as new movers into an area or drive time. We can also take your current mailing list and run a profile of your patient base. From this profile, we can assess if there is a pattern or similarity among your current patients.  In turn, we can direct the same types of prospects to your practice.

Mailing List Prices

When you receive a mailing list from Orthodontic Print Source,  you can be are assured that have the freshest data, thereby making it much easier to grow your practice. Our price offerings are $40.00 and $60.00 per 1,000 names, depending on the list.

postcard printing

More About Every Door Direct Mail

Preparing an EDDM Mailing

The EDDM service, featured by the post office, enables you to cover your local area at the lowest postage cost without the need to purchase a bulk mail permit or mailing list. We can help you meet the specifications for preparing an EDDM mailing. The requirements for mailing pieces are as follows:

Each mail piece should be longer than 10.5 inches and larger than six inches in height.
The minimum thickness of the mail pieces must be over .007 inches.

Standard Sizes of EDDM Postcards

Common sizes for EDDM mailings for postcards are as follows:

  • 6” x 9”
  • 6” x 11’

These measurements also pertain to folded self-mailers or envelopes. Once you decide on the specs, Orthodontic Print Source can help you with the design and printing of your postcard.

Why EDDM Mailings Help Orthodontists Gain Notice

An orthodontic practice is the ideal business for EDDM marketing, as it is often frequented by residents in the surrounding area. When you involve us in your EDDM mailing, we can help you map out a targeted locale.

Daily Mailings

When an EDDM mailing is performed, it takes up to two weeks or less to perform the process.  Each mail piece will require a postage indicia, or printed postage. You can mail from 200 to 5,000 pieces per day.

A Review of EDDM Service Benefits

You will realize the following benefits by using EDDM services:

  • You do not need a permit to mail your postcards.
  • You do not have to rely on a mailing list.
  • You can use a larger sized postcard, which is helpful in increasing the response rate for your practice. When you can mail a larger piece, you have more room to send your message. You might also think about sending out a mail flat that measures 6.25” x 11” – over three times bigger than a 4” x 6” postcard, delivered at about the same cost.

The Advantages of Using EDDM for a Direct Marketing Campaign

This approach makes branding easier and can be employed as a useful and powerful marketing tool. When you use EDDM for a direct marketing campaign, it offers the following advantages:

  • It enables you to reach leads without a mailing list.
  • It helps you find new customers in targeted areas.
  • It lowers mail preparation costs.
Add a Call to Action (CTA)

To design a postcard for an EDDM mailing, you may begin with an offer or discount. Add a clear and distinct call to action (CTA). A successful CTA should produce a sense of urgency. Include words such as “Be sure to call before [month] to take advantage of this service to ensure you receive a discount.”

Planning an EDDM Mailing

When planning the EDDM mailing, you need to consider the following:

  • What zip code should I target?
  • What neighborhoods should I include in the zip code I choose?
Visiting the EDDM Website

On the EDDM website, routes can be chosen with just a click, as well as target age ranges.  The EDDM tool displays the addresses for delivery and the cost. Therefore, you may want to review the site first before you coordinate your printing services with Orthodontic Print Source and get acquainted with the delivery program.

Tracking Your Mailings

It helps to track you mailing efforts by knowing your target market. For example, do you know which neighborhoods best represent your target customers?

Split Test Mailings

In order to check your mailing response, you may want to facilitate a split test mailing or A/B testing. This assessment, first developed in the scientific community, has been adapted to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. When sending out orthodontic postcards, use A/B testing to assess each element of your campaign’s design.  For example, you might feature a certain dollar amount off an orthodontic service for your “A” test mailing, while providing a certain percentage off a service in a “B” test mailing.

Split Test Various Elements on Your Postcards

The idea of A/B testing is to see what elements work best when sending out postcards for your direct mail campaigns. You can split test just about anything with respect to your postcard’s design. Use A/B testing for the following:

  • Images
  • Colors
  • Fonts

You can even test words that have been intentionally misspelled for response checking purposes.

Add a Coupon Code to Check Response Rates

Make sure to feature a coupon code that the customer is required to use to test responses. Without this code, you cannot assess response rates.

Invest in Your Ad Campaigns and Save More Money

EDDM marketing for orthodontists can go a long way to promote your practice to residents in your community. Not only does this type of direct mail approach build your brand, it allows you to track and test responses so you can invest your ad dollars more wisely.

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Turnaround Time

Delivery and turnaround time is generally between 10 – 14 days delivered into homes. Times may vary.

Mailing Quanties

You can mail small quantities or as large or larger than 100,000 pieces at a time. Please inquire about EDDM. 

Rush Orders

It is possible to rush a postcard marketing campaign using USPS drop ship program. Please let us know.

Paper Quality

All of our postcards are printed on premium, extra thick paper with a protective gloss that holds up well.

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Customer Service

Need help with a custom size or color? We have print specialists standing by to assist you with your postcard campaign.

Premium Colors

We print our postcards using our state-of-the-art printing press. All come with 4/4 full color front and blank back.

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