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We offer magnets printed in vibrant colors. These noticeable print products offer orthodontists extended exposure, as well as maximum hold to metal cabinets or refrigerators.

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Why Orthodontic Magnets Are a Good Promotional Tool?

When using magnets to promote your practice, you keep your name and services out in front of patients and prospects. Magnets are an excellent tool to promote your brand.  The bonus … magnets are less likely to get lost! 

Magnets Are Great For Any Practice

We will help you design the right magnet or calendar magnet for your practice!

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Benefits of Using Orthodontic Magnets for Your Practice

You will find that orthodontic magnets can serve you in one of several ways. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Magnets can be distributed instead of business cards, so the recipient can keep your practice’s name or details in a convenient place.
  • When you use magnets for your practice, patients post your message on commonly used appliances, such as the refrigerator.
  • A magnet is like a mini billboard as it offers your practice constant exposure.
  • Magnets are extremely durable and keep their design and shape for an exceptionally long time.
  • Magnets are an economical way to promote your brand and keep it in people’s minds.

Printing Features

Full Color Printing

All magnets are printed in full color font on a magnetized surface. These stand out!

State-Of-Art Colors

We print using 4/4 color technology. Bring your magnets to life!

Custom Sizes

Choose from a business card size all the way up to a car size magnet.

full color magnet printing
Premium Material

Your magnets are printed with a gloss finish to give them maximum durability.

Rush Printing

Need a job sooner? We can rush your job and air ship your magnets to you.

CalenDar Magnets

Increase the usefulness of your magnets by designing a calendar magnet.

Magnets Are Ideal for Kid-friendly Practices

We can customize your magnets with your practice’s logo, name, and services. Magnets are often chosen by practices that are directed at kids because this type of marketing tool can be placed on the fridge to help remind busy parents. 

Other Ways to Use Your Magnets

Magnets can be placed on just about any metal surface. Besides offering magnets as a business card to patients, you also might think of the following print ideas:

  • Give out magnets in the form of a discount or coupon. Offer the discounts to first-time patients to draw business and enhance visibility. In turn, the coupons can be redistributed to other prospects.
  • Feature a dental fact on a magnet along with your practice’s logo, name, and contact details. Hand out the magnets out at charity events or trade shows.

A High Recall Value

When used as business cards, magnets offer a high recall value, making them a great investment for your money.  A magnet can be placed in an accessible spot where it will stay visible for a very long time.

Distributing Magnets in Your Practice

When using them in your practice, orthodontic magnets may be attached to brochures or invoices. Either hand them out to patients in the office or send them out with brochures or flyers in the mail.

Graphic Design Ideas


Magnet Sizes & Quantities

Magnets can be used to feature specialized services for your practice or to convey dental facts. Magnets are printed on quality 17-point stock and are sized at 2” x 3.5”. They are available in quantities of 250, 500, 1,000, or 2,000.

To ensure that you are receiving the best orthodontic magnets available, Orthodontic Print Source only prints magnets using premium paper, colors, coatings, and clear and readable fonts.

Important Findings

Magnets are a powerful marketing tool when one considers their size. According to one Baylor University study, customers who use a promotional tool, such as a magnet, are 14% more likely to refer the imprinted practice or business.

Around 40% of customers are more likely to recall a company or practice’s name 6 months after receipt. If the magnet is placed on the side of a cabinet or on a refrigerator, the name and brand will continue to stay in front of anyone glancing at the space.

A Feeling Of Goodwill

Magnets that are placed in one spot, such as on a fridge, are rarely thrown away. In addition, a promotional magnet serves as a kind of “thank you” to customers. One survey found that customers or patients who received a promotional item felt more positive about the company or practice. When handed out, magnets promote a feeling of goodwill!

Making Sure Your Message Sticks

Now all you need to do is make sure your message sticks! While it is true magnets stick to metal, they do not stick to all metals. They only stick to ferromagnetic materials. However, common ferromagnetic materials, such as gold, silver, brass, or copper will not attract magnets in their natural states. They are made stronger when certain properties are added, namely iron or steel. Even adding a small amount of iron to a metal, such as silver, can magnetize it.

For Magnets to Hold, Steel Must Contain Iron

Magnets are naturally drawn to steel when it contains iron. However, if the steel contains more chromium, magnets will not stick. Therefore, a magnet may stick to a metal stove but slide off a cooker that is manufactured with metal alloys.

Surfaces Where Magnets Do Not Stick

Magnets naturally will not adhere to materials, such as textiles, fiberglass, plastic, or wood. When a material does not attract a magnet, it is known as a diamagnetic material. For magnets to stick, a material must contain certain metallic properties. Therefore, most magnets stick to refrigerators, other magnets, whiteboards, file cabinets, or whiteboards.

How to Make Magnets Stick to Non-metallic Surfaces

However, you can stick a magnet to a non-metallic surface; provided you use an attractant, such as magnetic paint or magnetic tape. You might impart this information to patients when you are distributing the magnets to them in the office.

Keep Your Brand and Message Out in Front of Your Customers

As you can see, orthodontic magnets are a great promotional tool for an orthodontic practice. Not only are they versatile, they keep your brand and message out in front of patients and prospects. If you want to increase your visual presence in your local community, orthodontic magnets offer a cost-effective and viable solution.

Enhance your practice’s image and brand with this affordable print solution from OrthoPrintSource.com. Place an order today.

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