Orthodontic Postcards

Postcards can be used in one of various ways – as information pieces, mailers (for attracting new patients), or as inserts in other marketing pieces. Regardless of the method used, you will find postcards to be a great tool for conveying information or as a great way to getting new patients.

Practice Postcards Are A Powerful Tool

Use Them As Mailers, Information Pieces, & More
orthodontic postcards

High Definition Coloring

At Orthodontic Print Source we print orthodontic postcards using a four-color process. By mixing cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, we provide high-definition coloring.

When printing the post cards, we give you the following selections:

  • 4/0 – Full color in the front with a black back
  • 4/1 – Full color in the front and a black back
  • 4/4 – Full color in the front and back

Postcard Printing Is Our Specialty

We have expert print specialists who can help you craft the right message

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Designing Your Postcard

Orthodontic postcards are a reliable way to market an orthodontic practice as they are a low-cost mailing. When you regularly use them, you can realize profits that far exceed the expense.  A strategic design is essential to a post cards marketing success.

Post cards are different from other mailings, such as brochures, as they are more personal. The orthodontic postcard must be designed to establish trust. The following are the ingredients you need to attract new business and spark the interest:

  • A bold and easy-to-read headline. Do not try to be witty. Tell your prospects or patients what you offer – the chance to have a beautiful and straight smile. Never make your recipients guess why you are sending a post card. 
  • An image that communicates a beautiful smile.  Nothing says “orthodontist” more clearly than when someone conveys a glistening and beautiful smile.  Choose colors that denote freshness and hygiene, such as blue, white, or green.
  • The practice name and contact details. A legitimate practice is one that is easy to contact. Never cause a recipient to raise an eyebrow. Clearly include your practice’s name and contact details.
  • A map that shows your exact location. Location is an important selling point. According to statistics, 85% of prospects respond to location and consider the convenience factor.
  • A sub-headline over the text. Make your postcard simple and readable. By including a sub-headline, you are showing readers where to begin.
  • Bullet points that highlight benefits. Another way to make your content more readable is to use bullet points. Bullet points permit patients to obtain information at a glance. However, do not make the mistake of solely highlighting your practice’s amenities. Instead, show you prospect how you will make their experience more pleasant. Therefore, rather than saying you feature ceramic braces, state that the braces you use are hardly noticeable and yield satisfactory and fast results. You want patients to see why your office is a cut above the standard orthodontic practice.
  • Patient testimonials. Testimonials normally direct about 90% of prospects to a practice. 
  • Discounts or offers. About 60% of orthodontic prospects respond to coupons or offers. An offer that is valuable to an individual will spur him or her to visit your office.  For example, feature a discount on certain straightening treatments. Add an expiration date to produce a sense of urgency. Normally, a window of 30 or 60 days should suffice.
  • A call to action (CTA). Do not conclude a post card without including a CTA. Never assume a prospect knows exactly what he or she is getting by choosing your practice. If you want post card recipients to respond, tell them what action to take.

Postcard Printing Features

Full Color Printing

All postcards are printed full color front and back. We use the most premium brilliant inks.

State-Of-The-Art Colors

We use a 4/4 print process to produce amazing looking postcards that stand out.

Custom Sizes

We can print postcards in just about any size. From the standard 4″x6″ to larger.

Orthodontist Postcards
Premium Paper

All printed postcards come with extra thick stock that holds up well in any situation.

Rush Printing

Need a job sooner? We can rush your job and air ship your postcards to you.

Other Paper Options

Want to print on recycled paper? Or a thicker card stock? Give us a call we can help.

Quality Paper Stocks and Coatings

At Orthodontic Print Source we only use the best paper for your post card designs and printing. By making this commitment, we can ensure that your practice will continually be well received.

The following paper stock and coating options are available:

  • 14 point gloss coated or premium uncoated paper
  • 16 point dull cover with a matte finish
  • Recycled 100 lb. dull cover with a matte finish

Basic Postcard Sizes

We offer a variety of custom sizes for post cards. The following sizes are our most popular with our customers:

  • 2” x 4”
  • 3” x 5”
  • 4” x 6”
  • 5.5” x 8.5”
  • 6” x 11”
  • 8.5” x 11”
  • 9” x 12”

We do offer customized sizes.  If you cannot find the size you want, contact us and we will modify the sizing to your requirements.

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Turnaround and Delivery Times

Orthodontic postcard orders usually take 2 to 5 days to process. For post cards that are recycled, feature 16-point paper, or display rounded corners, the average turnaround time is 2 to 8 days.

Rush PostCard Deliveries

Should you need your postcards faster, you can place a rush order with us. The typical turnaround time for a rush order is 3 days from the time the artwork is received. To facilitate the process, contact one of our sale representatives to ensure that we can meet your needs.

Graphic Design Ideas

orthodontist graphic design ideas

Include Postcards In A Mailing

In addition to printing postcards for informational materials, we suggest looking into postcard marketing to generate new patients. We can assist you with selecting the right mailing list, designing a custom message with the right offer, and providing call tracking so you can measure your campaign. Use post cards along with our mailing lists to ensure that your well-designed post cards will be delivered in a timely manner and to the right prospects. The affordable price of post cards and lower mailing costs ensures that the use of post cards will strengthen your influence over time.

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Turnaround Time

Delivery and turnaround time is generally between 2-5 days. Custom paper, please add 3 days.


You can receive quantities from 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2500, 5,000, or more. 

Rush Orders

Turnaround for rush orders is usually 3 days from the receipt of the artwork. 

Paper Quality

We print on all types of paper stock. Our standard paper is premium and extra thick.

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Customer Service

We can provide graphic design services for poscards. Call us today to get started.

Premium Colors

We only use premium inks and print with printing presses that are the latest in technology.

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