Orthodontic Greeting Cards

Orthodontic greeting cards offer ideal ways to interact with patients and let them know their patronage is appreciated. We offer various greeting card sizes and coatings, designed to enhance your practice’s image. Whether they are given to a patient, colleague, or vendor, greeting cards provide great ways to extend birthday wishes, thank you sentiments, or make special announcements.

High Quality Fold Over Greeting Cards

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A Four-Color Process

OrthoPrintSource.com prints orthodontic greeting cards using a four-color process. By mixing together cyan, magenta, yellow and black, we provide a card that is both vibrant and colorful. Cards are offered in one of three designs:

  • 4/0 – which features full color in the front and a back that is blank
  • 4/1 – which displays a color front and back in black
  • 4/1 – which features both the front and back in full color

Folder Over Cards Are A Great Way To Say Thanks!

Stay top of mind with our custom full color greeting card printing

How the Cards are Generally Used?

Orthodontic greeting cards are suggested for practices that wish to announce an upcoming event or seminar, send out holiday greetings to patients, colleagues, and vendors, announce VIP patient offers, or send out birthday greetings.

Use Your Greeting Cards to Say “Thanks!”

The best way to show appreciation for someone’s loyalty is to say “Thanks.” People very seldom hear the word. Therefore, when a thank you note is sent, it is remembered. Even sending a birthday greeting is an indirect expression of thanks.

Welcoming A New Patient!

A thank you card can also be used to welcome a new patient to your practice. For example, the card might read as follows:

  • Thanks for choosing our practice for your orthodontic treatments. Welcome! We are delighted to have you as a patient.
thank you greeting card

Christmas Orthodontic Greeting Cards

Naturally, Christmas offers a good reason to send out greetings. After all, wishing anyone a “Happy Holiday” also means you are wishing him or her plenty of reasons to smile.

holiday greeting cards

Christmas Orthodontic Greeting Cards

For example, a holiday greeting may read as follows:

  • Wishing you a holiday that gives you every reason to smile!
  • May your Christmas and smile be merry and white!
  • May your smile be bright during the holidays!
  • Wishing you a season filled with smiles!

Some practices send out cards with pictures of the dental team incorporated in Christmas garb. You might also send out cards showing Santa smiling with braces. That card might read:

  • Wishing you are a sparkling holiday season!

Printing Features

Full Color Printing

We print with the brightest and best inks around. Your cards will surely stand out!

State-Of-Art Colors

We use a 4/4 print process to produce amazing folder over greeting cards. 

Custom Sizes

Choose from over 15 different size options. We have the most standard sizes as well.

full color greeting card printing
Premium Paper

Gloss, matte, spot UV, we have you covered. Along with high quality thick card stock.

Rush Printing

Need a job sooner? We can rush your job and air ship your letterhead to you.

Other Paper Options

We typically print on high quality thick 14 pt. card stock. However, we print on recycled or super thick 16 pt. paper.

Cards for Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is always a good time to say, “Thanks.” For example, you may send out the following message:

  • Thanksgiving greetings! We want to express our gratitude for your continued confidence in our practice.

Regardless of when you choose to send a thank you message, it is always appreciated.  Show your gratitude by expressing thanks in your unique orthodontic greeting cards.

Birthday Greetings

Birthdays are a great reason to send a greeting card!  A fun birthday message might read:

  • Have your cake and eat it too,
    Just make sure to brush when you are through!

Design Examples

holiday greeting cards

Engaging your Patients

The idea of using a greeting card is to engage your patients, creating an active connection to their orthodontic care. Greeting cards promote participation and goodwill and compel patients to respond accordingly. Whenever your patients feel like they are a part of your practice’s activities, they will continue to remain part of your client base.

Making A Selection

When selecting greeting cards, think about how you want to use them for your practice. For example, which holidays or special events do you want to give precedence? Make a list to determine your needs. You can use greetings for:

  • Christmas
  • New Year’s
  • Halloween
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Patient anniversaries (celebrating the amount of time a patient has been visiting your practice)
  • Thank you cards
  • Special offers for VIP patients – discounts for dental services

Don't Forget Dentist Day!

You can even use cards to celebrate Dentist’s Day, which falls on March 6. Use this as an opportunity to contact patients and give them your thanks for their ongoing commitment to good orthodontic care.

Always Keep An Inventory Of Greeting Cards On Hand

Once you determine which cards you want to select, work with Orthodontic Print Source to ensure that you have the precise cards you need. Doing so will permit you to communicate with patients, colleagues, and vendors on a regular basis.

Personal & Professional Rewards

When you send out greetings, you show that your practice cares about forming a good relationship with its patients. While you can send greetings by email, it means a lot more to a patient when you take the time to send the greeting by mail. The additional effort pays off personally and professionally.

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Turnaround Time

Delivery and turnaround time is generally between 3-6 days. Thicker stock such as 16 pt. adds 3 days.


You can receive quantities from 250, 500, 1,000, 2500, 5,000, or more. 

Rush Orders

Turnaround for rush orders is usually 3 days from the receipt of the artwork. 

Paper Quality

Select from 14 pt. premium card stock, or print your cards on recycled matte or 16 pt. paper.

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Customer Service

Choosing the right size, fold, or even mailing your greeting cards can be tricky. We have print specialists to help.

Premium Colors

Our greeting cards pop because we use the most premium inks around. Make a lasting impression.

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