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We offer orthodontic logo design to support the branding for your business. The creation of a logo is also included in our orthodontic branding package. All orthodontic logos feature five professional logo concepts and unlimited design revisions. The custom design you receive will ensure that the branding for your practice is complete.

Orthodontic Logo Design

Craft the Perfect Practice brand

How Are Logos Used to Enhance an Orthodontic Practice’s Brand and Image

You might say that a logo carries the power of persuasion. A business without a logo is, in a sense, like a person without a country. A logo easily identifies your practice and follows the naming of a business. Designing a logo is often done in coordination with the development of a slogan or motto for a business or professional practice.

When Orthodontic Print Source designs a logo for your orthodontic practice, we aim to make your business easily recognized. Adding a logo to all your marketing material and including your e-mail will assist you in exposing your brand and services.

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Add Your Logo to Your Marketing Materials and Stationery

The more your logo is viewed, the more your practice and brand will be identified. Your brand logo may be placed on a variety of Orthodontic Print Source’s promotional materials, including letterheads, envelopes, postcards, brochures, and flyers.

Use your logo to represent your practice, when your name will not fit on a media piece.  Allow us to help you design a logo that can be used in building and maintaining your brand image and presence.  The simple use of an iconic image (think Nike’s “swoosh” logo) can immediately attract clients.

Keep Your Practice in People’s Minds

Your logo is generally first recognized before a reader surveys the content of a brochure, flyer or letter.  A logo is at the heart of your practice’s unique brand and should inspire both recognition and assurance from your clients.  

In order to convey this type of message, the logo design must be appropriate, adaptable, timeless, and memorable.   In addition, a successful logo will promote a relatable feeling to target market.


Full Color Logos

All logos will be designed using your pre-selected brand colors or we can design from scratch.

State-Of-Art Colors

All of your logos will be printed using CMKY technology so that you can use a printer.

Completely Custom

Our graphic desinger will work with you personally to come up with a logo for your practice.

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Unlimited REvisions

After delivering 5 concepts, we make unlimited revisions until we get it just right.

5 Logo Concepts

Don’t know which type of logo you want? We give you 5 concepts to select from.

Logo Graphic Design

Our orthodontist logo graphic design services will give you the brand you deserve.

Logo Categories

To choose a logo design for your practice, please review the categories under which the symbols fall.  Logos are textural, symbolic, illustrated, or a mix of these three classifications.

Textural Logos
Textural logos are easily identified words. An example of a textural logo is “Walt Disney.” The words for a textural logo are designed in recognizable fonts, shapes, and sizes.

Logos Used as Illustrations
An illustration for a logo is sometimes used as the chosen design. A well known example of this type of logo is the red, white, and blue circle that is used by the Pepsi-Cola Company.

Symbolic Logo Designs
If you opt for a symbolic logo, this particular icon is often depicted by an abstract design, such as the aforementioned Nike swoosh. Symbolic logos bridge language barriers and are often used by businesses that conduct business internationally.

A Combination Logo Design
A combination logo represents all three logotypes. An example of this type of logo is the FedEx design.  Its textural design includes an arrow in the white space between the company’s spelling of E and x.

Orthodontic Practice Logos

orthodontic logo ideas
orthodontic logo idea 2

The Logo’s Shape

Often, a logo’s shape is linked to the services offered by a business.  A tooth, smile, or toothbrush, may be used for dental and orthodontic practices.  When a logo is well designed, it underscores the essence of a practice.

What a Logo Should Convey

A logo should convey professionalism, stability, and dependability, communicating the overall goal and mission of the brand.  When conveying these characteristics, your practice easily stands out from its competitors. 

A Timeless Design

It can be difficult, if not complicated, to develop a logo. Orthodontic Print Source takes every measure to ensure that your logo design is one that truly exemplifies your practice. The logo should present the timelessness that can carry your brand well into the future.

Keep the above information in mind when creating your logo with Orthodontic Print Source. We want to learn all we can about your orthodontic services and what you brand represents. By taking this approach, we can assist you in designing a logo that truly reflects you brand.

Communicating the Essence of Your Brand

A logo communicates and symbolizes the essence of your brand to its patients and potential clients. In turn, closer relationships are built, creating positive and strong emotions and recall. By creating the right logo design, an orthodontist can strengthen patient commitment. When you have this type of presence, you not only build equity for your brand, you establish credibility and trustworthiness for your orthodontic practice.

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Turnaround Time

Delivery and turnaround time is generally between 10 – 15 days. Revisions can add to this time.


We deliver 5 different sets of new logos and offer unlimited revisions on the logo you select. 

Rush Orders

We can offer expedited services for graphic design, just let us know and we will move you first in line.

Paper Quality

All logos are guaranteed to be high resolution so that you can look your best on print material.

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