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Our high end business cards will get the attention of your patients, your referral partners, and give your brand the love it deserves.

High End Business Cards

Custom STock, Shapes, Sizes Available
Kimball Orthodontics Business Card

Once called a visiting card in the 1800s, the business card is used to introduce a business to potential clients, or to provide a contact source for current clients. The card, albeit small, is designed to display information that can be easily referenced. In addition to contact information, a business card can be used to promote specials, or refer patients to a download on your website. 

Four-color Printing Process

Most business cards are printed using an up-to-date four-color process. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are mixed to offer an impressive design. Using these four colors gives business cards a resolution, color and clarity that is immediately visible.

Color Terms Used for Designing Cards

Three types of color terms are recognized for the purposes of printing:

  • 4/0 represents a card that exhibits a full color front and a back that is blank
  • 4/1 displays a full color front and a back in black
  • 4/4 shows off a full color front as well as a back that is in full color

Other Business Card Shapes

Not only are business cards printed in the traditional rectangle shape, there are many more options to choose from:

  • Rounded corners
  • Leaf cuts
  • Half circles
  • Circles
  • Ovals

If you want to include more information on a card, choosing a larger circle or oval will provide you with the space you need to convey your message.  You can also add details on a standard-looking card by including a map, coupon, or reference to a download on the back of the business card.  Whatever your preference in card shape, we work with you to make your business card stand out!

We Can Help With Custom Graphic Design

We have expert graphic designers on staff that can assist with your design and branding.

How Orthodontic Business Cards Are Used

Today, the business card is often underutilized. Business cards, which can be purchased at an affordable cost, can be employed as a fantastic marketing tool for your business.  Many of our clients have used their business cards for the following purposes:

Remind Patients of Upcoming Appointments

Use the back of your business card to add an appointment reminder.

Use the Cards for Referrals

You can use your business cards as referral tools. Give patients your business cards so they can sign and give them to friends and family members. When the card is returned by the new patient, you can reward the referring patient with a discount on services or a gift card.

Include a Map
Direct potential patients to your practice by adding a map and directions on the back of the business card

Don't Forget To Add A Map To your Business Card
business card map


Full Color Printing

Color is what sets your design apart from the rest. We only use the best and the brightest inks.

State-Of-The-Art Colors

We use a 4/4 print process to produce the most beautiful business cards.

Custom Sizes

We Offer a variety of sizes for you to select from. Choose from our standard 2″ x 3.5″ to custom shapes. 

multiple business cards
Premium Paper

We have a variety of stocks and finishes to choose from. We print on 14pt., 16pt., 32pt., and other stocks. 

Rush Printing

Need a job sooner? We can rush your job and air ship your business cards to you.

Folding Options

We can even create a fold over business card if you have more information that needs to be printed.

Business Card Design Samples


What Information Should I Put On My Business Card?

Before you place an order for cards, please review the helpful information below on how to design your cards and what information should be included.

Basic Information

Include basic information on your card, such as your name, address of your practice, phone number, web address, e-mail, and practice hours. You may also want to include finance options. Remember to add your logo, your brand identifier.  By making the logo easily recognized and distinctive, you are underscoring your brand. A memorable logo goes a long way in increasing a practice’s profits.

The Presentation of the Card

Colors, taglines and a business card’s shape, all play an instrumental role in creating an impression. Evoking a sense of calm in your design may help many patients who are nervous to see an orthodontist.  Use colors that are comforting, such as light blue, and a font that is readable and reassuring. Do not emblazon the card, for instance, with lettering in all caps.

Creating a Tagline

The tagline functions to reinforce your unique practice, as it distinguishes it from other orthodontic offices in the community. For example, a tagline might display descriptions such as “Compassion,” “Total Care,” and “Reliable.” The idea is to separate your office from other practitioners in the field by reinforcing its focus or commitment.

When thinking up a tagline, review your patient base. What is important to your patients and what are your strengths? Maybe patients like the fact that you take time to explain the tooth straightening process. In this case, your tag line might read, “We are patient-focused.” Maybe you have a good chairside manner. In this instance, your tag line might relate the following: “Your comfort is important to us.”

The Card Stock

The design of your business card and card stock should be a reflection of your practice.  You can choose from medium or heavy card stock, depending on your customers. If you work in a high-end market, a heavier stock is a better choice. Using raised lettering may appeal to some customers, while an interesting die cut always draws notice from almost anyone.

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Turnaround Time

Delivery and turnaround time is generally between 2-5 days. Recycled cards take 2-8 days


You can receive quantities from 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2500 and up. 

Rush Orders

Turnaround for rush orders is usually 3 days from the receipt of the artwork. 

Paper Quality

14 pt. card stock, 16 pt. matte finish, 32 pt. heavy duty, recycled matte, and many others.

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Customer Service

We offer matte, UV, and spot gloss finishes. Please inquire with us so we can help.

Premium Colors

Our business cards pop! We use the best inks and the highest quality gloss finishes to make you stand out.

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