Staggered Sheets

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Convey More Information

Place These sheets Inside Your Presentation Folders

Boost Your Practice Brand

You do not need to cut down sheets for presentation purposes. We, at, offer precision-cut full-colored, staggered sheets for folders, display stands, or inserts. We feature various trim options and paper choices to fit the needs of your orthodontic practice.

Take Advantage of Our State-of-the-Art Four Color Process

All of our orthodontic staggered sheets are printed using an innovative four-color process. We combine cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to provide the most polished, high-definition product available. When choosing from color offerings, we provide the following:

  • 4/0 – Full color front and blank backside
  • 4/1 – Full color front and black backside
  • 4/4 – Full color front and full color backside

Staggered Sheets Are Great In Presentation Folders

Our graphic design team can help you with the dimensions of this product

Staggered Sheets Are Great For Presentation Folders

By ordering your staggered sheets from us, you can also display them professionally in one of our premium-quality presentation folders. We do all we can to present you in the most professional light to your patients and colleagues.

Why Staggered Sheets Can Benefit Your Orthodontic Practice

Staggered sheets are an ideal way to share content about your practice as well as your orthodontic knowledge. In some cases, what you want to say is too much to fit on a single sheet. That is why staggered cut sheets are helpful for sharing content.

In turn, you can share and distribute your content in a way that catches a reader’s attention immediately. While you want to offer information that is relevant, you cannot always eliminate certain data. Therefore, staggered sheets allow you to appeal to your targeted readers while providing education or instruction.

Promoting Orthodontic Offers

Promoting Orthodontic Offers

Using staggered sheets in a presentation folder or as an insert can assist you in promoting various services for your orthodontic practice. By taking this approach, you can share essential data and help people compare similar options.

Keep the Channels of Communication Open

By presenting the sheets in a professional folders, you make the details you are sharing all the more appealing. A slot can be added in the presentation folder too to encourage future engagement.

Color Coding and Labeling

Staggered sheets can also be presented in their folders in the same way as rack cards, making it possible for patients to obtain a more comprehensive overview of your practice’s services and treatment options. You may even want to color code the sheets and label them to assist readers in remembering what they read.

Create a Fun Questionnaire

If you research the information needed your staggered sheets, you will soon come to realize that the delivery of the material is important too. You might even think of creating a fun questionnaire to assist you in sharing your content and knowledge.

Use Staggered Sheets to Introduce Your Practice

Staggered cut sheets also can be used to introduce patients to your practice’s routines and processes once they start a course of treatment. Include information, as well, about at-home care and add discount coupons. By using staggered sheets, you can update any sections, when needed, to reduce the costs of updating a whole brochure.

A Well-managed and Easy-to-Comprehend Format

As you can see, the use of staggered sheets, when used for sharing information, is a versatile way to communicate with patients, prospects, and colleagues. Staggered sheets, when presented in a folder, also make it simple for you to display information in a well-managed and easy-to-comprehend format. By using the sheets, you will not overwhelm the reader with excess data.

Tailor Your Content for the Best Effect

Staggered cut sheets can be ordered here, at, in three to eight sheets per order. Therefore, you have more flexibility in organizing the content you wish to share. Customizable features enable you to tailor your content for the best effect.

Highlight Your Service Specialties

You can also use orthodontic staggered cut sheets in our premium presentation folder for display at dental conferences and similar events. The sheets will allow you to highlight your various service specialties, all which can be viewed effectively and fast.

A Must-have Accessory

You might compare staggered sheets with a tri-fold brochure, except staggered sheets allow you to look at loose pages separately, as they are not featured intact. By looking at sheets singly, it makes it easier for the reader focus on the content that is presented. If you want to maintain your reader’s attention span, staggered sheets are a must-have accessory.

Keep the Channels of Communication Open

By presenting the sheets in a professional folders, you make the details you are sharing all the more appealing. A slot can be added in the presentation folder too to encourage future engagement.

Printing Features

Full Color Printing

All staggered sheets either come with color 1 side or both sides.

State-Of-Art Colors

We print using 4/4 color technology to bring your staggered sheets to life.

Custom Sizes

We trim each sheet by .25″ or .5″. We also print 3-8 sheets per run depending on your needs.

orthodontic staggered sheets
Premium Material

We print these sheets on premium gloss paper. They look professional in a folder.

Rush Printing

Need a job sooner? We can rush your job and air ship your sheets to you.

Display Your Message

Staggered sheets are a wonderful addition to your presentation folder.

Talk to Us about Your Staggered Sheet Requirements

We, at, can accommodate your printing requirements for both staggered sheets and presentation folders. Talk to us about your preferences and specs. We are committed to providing you with the best in printed products and services. Whether you are formatting the sheets for a conference or wish to present information in your office, this form of media will get you noticed professionally.

Graphic Design Ideas


Paper Stock and Coatings

We hand select and use only premium paper stock for your orthodontic practice, ensuring that your practice is presented professionally. The following list highlights our staggered sheet paper and coating choices:

  • 100 lb. gloss books with an aqueous coating
  • 100 lb. gloss cover with an aqueous coating
  • 70 lb. offset opaque smooth paper white paper
  • Recycled 80 lb. dull text with matte
  • Recycled 100 lb. dull cover with matte

Custom Staggered Sheet Sizes

We also supply orthodontic staggered sheets in several trim sizes. The trim sizes are as follows:

  • .25”
  • .5”

Trimmed sheets of three to eight pages are available. If you do not see the exact trim size you want, we offer custom sizes for your convenience.

Let Us Help!

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Turnaround Time

Delivery and turnaround times is generally between 2-5 days. Please contact us for any jobs.


We print staggered sheets in sets from 3-8, and can start at 50, 100, 250. We also print in higher quantities.

Rush Orders

Turnaround for Rush orders is usually 3 days from the receipt of the artwork. However, please call.

Paper Quality

We print these in 100 lb. gloss cover, gloss book, recycled paper, or 70 lb. matte.

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Customer Service

We can provide graphic design services for staggered sheets and can help you select the proper dimensions.

Premium Colors

We only use expensive inks and print with printing presses that are the latest tech. Your sheets will look great!

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