Orthodontic Branding Packages

Your brand is important to your practice. That is why our orthodontic branding packages are designed to enhance your image and help your practice grow. The right brand will help to build trust with clients and make you stand out from your competitors. With a solid branding message in place, it is easier to obtain referrals from patients and dentists.

What's Included In A Branding Package?

A Solid And Cohesive BRand Is Important FOr Your PRactice

What Our Package Offers

At Orthodontic Print Source we will create a custom brand that fits your criteria in terms of image and credibility. When we create a branding package, we work with you to make sure you receive top results. That is why we offer unlimited revisions, and include the following:

  • Five logos from which to select, including design modifications
  • A special letterhead design
  • A special envelope design
  • Unlimited design change

Your Practice Brand Is Important To Your Patients

Create a solid brand with our team of graphic designers

Building a Brand for Your Practice

orthodontic Branding Package

A strategic brand will give you a competitive edge and will be conveyed through a professional and well developed design. In other words, it needs to be stylized to attract customer loyalty and confidence. A brand is built on who you are as an orthodontic professional, who you wish to be, and how your clients and people perceive you.

How Do You Want to Be Portrayed?

When creating a brand, it is important to consider how you want to be portrayed by your desired client base.  Who you are as a professional in the orthodontic field must be based, to some degree, on what your target clients wish and need you to be.

Creating a Logo

The base of any brand is the logo. Your website, promotional printing materials and packaging should feature your logo consistently. The strategy that you use for creating a branding package must be based on where, what, when, and how you plan to communicate and send your brand message. What you communicate verbally and visually, and your channels of distribution, all form a part of this strategy.

Adding Value to Your Practice

Regular strategic branding leads to brand equity that will add value to your practice’s services and products. This equity will enable you to charge more for your brand. That is why creating a cohesive, targeted package is important. 

Orthodontist Branding Package Features

Letterhead Design

We will create a custom design for your practice letterhead and offer unlimited revisions.

Orthodontist Logo

The logo is the center piece of your practice. We will give you 5 sets with unlimited revisions.

Unlimited Design Changes

Not happy with the first round, don’t worry! We will create revisions to the designs.

Envelope Design

Our graphic designers will create a professional set of envelopes for your practice.

Rush Printing

Need a job sooner? We can rush your job and put you at the front of the line.

Your Brand Matters

We take orthodontic brand building seriously and look forward to working with you.

Questions You Need to Ask

Some of the questions you need to pose when creating a branding package include the following:

  • What are the goals and mission of my orthodontic practice?
  • What are the advantages and features of my practice’s services?
  • How do my clients and prospects view my practice?
  • What qualities do I want to attach to my orthodontic practice?

Graphic Design Ideas

Know What Your Clients Think

Creating a branding package requires research. Take time to learn the wishes, needs, and habits of your clients and prospective clients.  Throughout this process, you can rely on Orthodontic Print Source as a dependable resource to bring this research to life.  We will not only create the marketing materials, we will help produce a brand that is memorable and influential.  

Communicating Your Branding Message

Once you have defined your brand, it is important to integrate that brand with your practice in order to bring it to life.  Here are some helpful steps:   

  • Create a logo.  Place it on printed materials or signs.  Write down the messages you want to convey. These messages should be clear and succinct.
  • Integrate the brand. In addition to placing your brand on print materials, you also want to convey the message through other  in how your practice answers the phone and through the types of uniforms worn by your staff. It should also be incorporated in your e-mail signature.
  • Create a voice that represents your brand. The voice should be added to all written communications and included in pictures both off-line and online. Is the voice knowledgeable, friendly, or sincere? Make sure it communicates how you want your practice to be perceived.
  • Create a tagline. Write down a meaningful and short statement that catches the idea behind your brand.
  • Create marketing materials and templates.  Use the same logo placement and color schemes for your brand. Consistency is key!
  • Make sure to deliver on your brand promise. Otherwise, patients will not return or refer your practice to other people.

A strategic and thoughtful brand is the heart of a marketing campaign.  Consistency, however, will be the key to success!  Orthodontic Print Source can help you incorporate your brand in the printed materials and help initiate the process through our customized branding package.

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Turnaround Time

Delivery and turnaround time is generally between 10 days – 2 weeks, depending on the approval process.


We will deliver 5 sets of logos, 1 letterhead design, and 1 envelope design at the outset of the design.

Rush Orders

Need faster service? It’s possible to put a rush on design services to go to the front of the line.

Paper Quality

Our design is either ink jet guaranteed or designed in high resolution to help your brand will stand out.

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We design in CMYK so that you can print your design on higher resolution printing press equipment.

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