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Carmel Mountain Dental Care – Patient Success

Carmel Mountain Dentist, Smiles By Design San Diego has been using a blended media approach and has been gaining amazing success when it comes to gathering new patients and selling promoting the cost of Invisalign. And since they are doing so well, we decided to sit down with them and ask them a few questions –

How Are You Getting New Dental Patients?

That’s been the million dollar question for us for the last couple of years. However, once we nailed down a process, we have put our marketing on autopilot and follow a marketing plan every month. In fact, you guys have definitely been pivotal in helping us grow our new patient population with custom mailers and smarter marketing. What we are doing is the following –

  1. Follow a plan that is built around 12 months
  2. Utilize coupon sites, paid ads, offline marketing like postcards & referral marketing
  3. Track everything with GTM and analytics along with your tracking numbers.

It seems easy now, but looking back, we were just trying all sorts of items hoping that it would stick. Now we follow our plan methodically. What’s great is our target market is getting to know us! And as we are building a brand in our area, we are getting more and more referrals.

Have You Been Able To Get More Cosmetic Dentistry Patients?

Absolutely! When you showed us how to implement a tracking number on our cards we could then see exactly how well each offer was working. We then put these numbers anywhere and everywhere. Pretty soon our marketing became transparent. I can’t thank you enough for this small tip. It paid off in dividends. Once we began to quantify the return, we then were able to put more marketing spend on the 20% of the marketing that was actually working. Before, we were shooting in the dark, and really had no idea what was working.

Now, we are so strategic and laser-focused on offers, brand messages, and demographic selections

Any tips For Your Orthodontic Peers?

I would say really focus on the 5 core items –

  1. Brand message
  2. A Valuable and Quality Offer
  3. Segmentation
  4. Tracking
  5. Spending more on what is working

Stay tuned as we plan on digging deeper into those five key items that drive more dental patients and what has worked well for Smiles By Design San Diego. They have been getting a return on ad spend of 900%!

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