Mailing Lists For Orthodontic Practices

Orthodontic Postcard Marketing Mailing Lists

Orthodontic Mailing Lists

While you may already have a list of patients, we can help you upgrade your current consumer mailing list by profiling your listing, targeting new customers, and modeling the details to promote specific services and products and sending your brand message to these patients via postcard marketing

Receive 13 Popular Selects Free of Charge

You can also receive 13 of the most requested selects for your mailing list free of charge! By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can target a larger number of customers, and direct your message to the individuals who best fit your practice’s initiatives.

Types of Selects

The free mailing list selects include the following:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Households with children
  • Gender and age of children
  • Property values
  • Length of residence
  • Homeowner or renter
  • The year a home was built
  • Geographic location
  • Housing type
  • Households featuring seniors
  • Super Fresh Lists and Deliverable

Our super fresh mailing lists at are guaranteed to be 92% deliverable within 30 days. They are also updated each month, ensuring that your mailing list is always current. We offer a large database for targeting new patients as well.

Is There a Pattern?

In fact, we make it simple for orthodontic practices to target new patients. That is because we are able to choose from various targeting options, such as new movers into an area or drive time. We can also take your current mailing list and run a profile of your patient base. From this profile, we can assess if there is a pattern or similarity among your current patients. In turn, we can direct the same types of prospects to your practice. 

Mailing List Prices

When you receive a mailing list from, you are assured of the freshest data, thereby making it much easier to grow your practice. Our price offerings are $40.00 and $60.00 per 1,000 names, depending on the list.

Support Your Post Card Marketing Campaign

You can use our consumer mailing list to support your practice’s postcard marketing campaign, another piece of collateral that is offered through our company. The mailing list is indeed important to the success of the campaign, as it will determine the type of response you will receive. 

When choosing a mailing list, experts suggest that it should guarantee at least 90% deliverability. We, at guarantee that lists, as noted, are 92% deliverable. Experts add that the list should be updated monthly, which we, at, do as well. 

Who Are You Targeting?

The most important decision you need to make when selecting a mailing list has to do with whom you are targeting. Therefore, the types of prospects you target will determine the outcome of your marketing campaign. Naturally, it helps to market to individuals who are already in need or orthodontic care, who have the income to support the treatment, and who live close to your practice.

Who Is the Ideal Orthodontic Client?

So, how do you find that client? First, you need to identify your ideal orthodontic patient. The ideal orthodontic patient possess the attributes that are common among your current patients. Therefore, the patients already visiting your practice can assist you in determining your leads. 

Some Important Questions to Ask

What is the profile of your current client? Do you primarily serve the orthodontic needs of children or teens? If you do have adult patients, what is the average age range? Where do your patients live? Once you begin working with, you will know how to target prospective patients and what to focus on in terms of selects. 

Types of Successful Orthodontic Lists

Because of our expert knowledge in direct mailing, we, at, have learned that orthodontic practices normally get excellent results from three types of specific lists. These lists, when generalized, include the following:

  • Resident lists, or all the carrier routes that surround your practice.

Demographic listings, or targeted lists that define the contact’s age, annual household income, and location, or proximity to your office.

New mover listings, or listings of individuals who have recently moved into your neighborhood – people who need to locate schools, a physician, a dentist, or an orthodontist. You might think of using this listing to welcome a recipient into the community. Offer a discount for an evaluation or a consultation.

Make a Difference in Your Patient Base

As you can see, deciding how to use your list can be straightforward, once you are working with to target your clients. By assessing the success of current lists, we can help you formulate a marketing plan that will significantly make a difference in the number of clients who pay a first visit to your practice. 

Learning Where to Direct Your Orthodontic Marketing

You can also use mailing lists to review your current services. For example, you may want to expand on the services you supply to younger patients, or, conversely, you may want to target adult patients with new teeth straightening products or services. By assessing the results of a direct mailing campaign, such as post cards, you will be better equipped to determine where to direct your future marketing efforts and goals.

A Great Way to Evaluate Your Marketing Practices

Mailing lists can serve as a great marketing evaluation tool. When you can work with updated lists and support your direct mail efforts in this way, you will also build your brand and reputation in your community. Because we offer consumer mailing lists at an affordable cost, we make it possible for you to realize your direct marketing goals. 

We Can Supply Your with the List as Well as the Marketing Materials

Use mailing lists to support post card mailings and other marketing materials, such as referral products or presentation folders. You simply cannot market your services without a good list. That is why it is important to work with We can provide you with the marketing materials you need to support your practice as well as a dependable and deliverable mailing list. Call us today to obtain a list so you can start expanding your practice.

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