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Orthodontic Social Media (Facebook) Cards

Social Media or Facebook cards allow orthodontists to expand their reach locally and online. Because a dentist’s office can be scary for some clients, social media integration puts patients’ fears to rest. By using social media or Facebook cards, orthodontists can extend their social engagement and gain trust and assurance from their clients.

Why Social Media Cards Are Important

As an orthodontist, you may not know how to direct people to you online. That is why we, at, offer social media cards to orthodontists. Using the cards allows you to show how you can be accessed via social media.

How Social Media Cards Help Market Your Practice

Using social media cards can be instrumental to business success as they give you the opportunity to do the following:

  • Build your brand
  • Listen to the concerns or worries of your patients
  • Convey a more personalized approach
  • Engage more frequently with your patients and prospects
Printing Options

All social media cards, at are printed, using a four-color process. The colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are mixed to provide the most eye-capturing cards possible. We use this approach to make sure people can readily identify and remember your practice. 

Cards are printed as follows:

  • 4/0 – Full color on the front with the back blank
  • 4/1 – Full color on the front, with the back in black
  • 4/4 – Full color on the front as well as the back
Sizes and Format

You can choose from cards that are regularly sized 2” x 3” or 2” x 3.5” that are available in various formats. These formats include the following:

  • 14 point gloss-coated cards, or premium uncoated cards
  • 16 point dull cover with  matte finish cards
  • Recycled 100 lb. dull paper with a matte finish
  • Clear or frosted plastic cards
Slim and Larger Sized Cards

Cards may also be sized as follows:

  • Slim design – 1.75” x 3” or 1.75” x 3.5”
  • Larger size – 3.35” x 2.17”
Custom Sizing

If the above sizes do not meet your criteria, custom sizing is available. You can also have your cards customized in one of various shapes, such as a toothbrush, a smile, or a tooth.

Card Amounts

Cards are sold in volumes of 250, 500, 1,000, and 2,500 at a time. 

Delivery and Turnaround Times

Turnaround time for social media cards is normally 2 to 5 days. If the cards are recycled, printed on 16-point paper, or feature rounded corners, turnaround is 2 to 8 days.  For faster delivery, a rush service is offered. Turnaround, in this case, is 3 days, once the artwork is received.

How Social Media Cards Can Be Used

You can make full use of social media cards for sharing blogs, pictures, and sharing patients’ news on media sites, such as Facebook. After all, people are always seeking referrals for a good orthodontist. When you maintain a social presence, you make it easier for your patients to make recommendations to their friends or colleagues.

Direct Patients to Your Instagram Site

One of the ways to use social media cards is to direct patients and prospects to your Instagram site. Share pictures of your office space with others so they know that your office is an inviting place to visit. Instagram is the ideal platform for reaching younger patients, which make up most of your clientele. Therefore, use Instagram to show people that your office is a relaxing and friendly place. By using social media cards, you can increase your influence on you Instagram site.

Sponsor a Contest

Instagram can also be used for sponsoring contests. Use social media cards to announce, for example, a “Show Us Your Smile” contest. Use the cards to show how patients improved their smile through orthodontics.

Use Cards to Increase Your Engagement on Facebook

Social media cards can also direct patients and others to your Facebook page to enter weekly contents or to get to know members on your team. Some of the ideas you can use include the following:

  • Have patients enter a funny caption for a photo weekly. The winner receives a gift card.
  • Picture one of your staff in a baby photo, and ask followers to guess the employee.
  • Present a video that highlights certain staff members each unspooling a container of floss in an “unspool the floss” race. Before placement of the video, ask followers to predict who will win the competition. Show the results by sharing the video. 
  • Post a picture of your staff and their pets. Have patients and others match the staff member to his or her pet. The winner receives a gift card.
Direct Patients to Your Blog

Another proven method for using social media cards is for sharing your blog postings. Use the cards to take patients to your blog via such platforms, such as Twitter. Twitter, when used as an information platform, provides the ideal outlet for sharing content that is original. Begin a blog on your website and use Twitter and other social media platforms has channels of dissemination.

Blog Topics

You can find a great many topics to use for blog titles that you can add on social media sites. For example, a couple topics you may want to consider include the following:

Busting Teeth-straightening Myths

Fun Facts about Teeth – this topic can be used for a blog post or the facts can also be incorporated into social media posts. For example – fun facts may include the weight of an elephant’s tooth (around 6 pounds) or the number of teeth of a dog (44).

Each time you post new blog content, go to Twitter and post a catchy title, link, and image. Use regularly used hashtags that are related to your subject content. By taking advantage of social media cards, you can ensure regular activity in this area.

Highlight Your Office’s Culture

You can also use social media cards to highlight the culture of your office. Share interesting accounts, fun facts about orthodontics or your business, and behind-the-scenes pictures. By taking this approach, you can open new doors of opportunity for engagement. Share birthdays of employees, any exciting practice news, and pictures of patients (make sure you get their permission). 

You can also try this approach. Have one of the members of your staff ask a patient if he or she can take a photo of them using their phone so the patient can post the image to his or her Facebook page. The patient, in turn, posts the image to his or her page and tags your orthodontic practice.

In fact, you can make a large number of connections by posting your Facebook URL and leading patients and others to your office’s Facebook page. Social media cards can make a difference in this respect.

Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Think of social media cards as your link for word-of-mouth referrals. Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms assist you in connecting to your target audience. Therefore, use social media cards as a word-of-mouth promotion to emphasize the services of your orthodontic practice. 

To complement the use of social media cards, post a “follow me” sign at the front desk. For example, list the links of social medial platforms for your practice in a framed sign. Include your social media cards next to the sign.

Keep an Ongoing Card Stock on Hand

As you can see, you can use social media cards to engage your patients and prospects in fun and creative ways. Always make sure you have an ongoing inventory in stock to enhance your practice’s presence on social platforms. Make your dental practice a warm and inviting place to visit, online and off-line.

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