Orthodontic Patient Brochures

It is important to use orthodontic patient education brochures for patients to gain credibility and a solid reputation in your community. By offering orthodontic patient education or marketing brochures, you will increase patient confidence and generate revenue. Therefore these types of orthodontic pamphlets are indeed an important piece of collateral in raising awareness and calling attention to your services or practice.

A Popular Brochure Design: The Tri-fold

You can customize orthodontic brochures for patients to your specifications. However, the most common type of configuration is the tri-fold design. Tri-fold brochures are made, as the name suggests, to fold out into three areas. These areas highlight various categories.

The Most Commonly Used Orthodontic Pamphlets

An orthodontic brochure of this type enables you to add high resolution files and images so patients and potential patients immediately capture your message. Tri-fold brochures are the most commonly used orthodontic pamphlets used for sending a marketing message.

The Layout of the Brochure

Typically, the outside of a tri-fold brochure introduces the patient to your orthodontic practice and offers a brief overview of the services. What is ideal about the layout is the fact that you can add content and images on both the inside and outside of the pamphlet.

When you open the inside of the brochure, typically treatment options are further explained in the first and second sections. The third inside section usually expands on the service offerings and breaks them down by category.

Placing the Content

On the outside of the brochure, the second section is ideal for adding your practice’s name, address, and contact number. The benefits of orthodontic services are often included in the third section on the outside of the brochure. The very front of the brochure is designed to pique the reader’s interest. Therefore, you need to include a catchy title or an image that encourages the reader take a further look at the images and content.

Answering Format and Design Questions

Naturally, you can design the brochure according to your preferences. However, the above information can help you determine better how to lay out your content and images. When you work with a printing provider, such as OrthoPrintSource.com, all your design and format questions can be further identified and answered.

A Critical Element of Success

After all, marketing is a critical element of any successful practice. Whether you operate a small orthodontic practice or a large clinic, the success you enjoy depends on the marketing you employ. Using a tri-fold brochure ensures that your orthodontic practice will receive a good response.

Basic Information

Besides a tri-fold design, you may also opt for a bi-fold brochure that features page inserts. Brochures are simple to use and display and are completely editable. Basic information should include your orthodontic practice’s name, the address, logo, and contact details. The services offered should be featured as well as relevant details.

How a Tri-fold Brochure Is Made

Brochures may be presented in one of various ways. When a brochure uses a tri-panel design, it is usually stylized by folding a sturdy sheet of paper—normally, 8 ½” x 11”—into three panels on each side.

This is done by folding the paper two times. Tri-fold brochures are often chosen for marketing purposes, as they feature spaces that are big enough to accommodate the required information so it is readable.

A Content-friendly Brochure

The design of a tri-fold brochure permits readers to easily survey the details – details that look nicely spaced. When you use this type of design, you normally can include all the information you need without worrying about crowding.

Why You Should Choose a Tri-fold Brochure

An orthodontic tri-fold brochure is recommended if you have a number of services you want to introduce and highlight for your practice. Make sure the brochure’s content is specific and direct. Use each space accurately – underscoring the categories you want to relay.

Simpler Dissemination of Information

If the details are properly highlighted and arranged, a reader can capture all the information quickly and easily. Because the design enables you to organize information in a distinct and easy-to-read manner, the brochure is considered an excellent marketing tool for combining content and images. The partitions in the brochure permit simpler dissemination of information.

A Condensed Version of Your Website

When designing a tri-fold pamphlet and adding content, consider the brochure as a condensed version of your website. All website platforms contain information that can be included in a tri-fold orthodontic pamphlet. You just need to answer the questions of “Who?” “What?” “Where?” “When?” and “Why?”

For instance, the home page on a website can be likened to a brief introduction of your orthodontic practice and services. You might want to include a mission statement too. Links to website pages may also be included on the brochure.

Including Information about You and Your Staff

Add an “About” section to your tri-fold brochure and introduce yourself and your staff. Make sure you include a professional photo. Bios should be briefly featured and include bullet points. You want to be succinct. Therefore, you do not have to go into the same kind of detail, as is featured on your curriculum vitae. Make sure you impart a message that shows you are qualified, educated, and friendly.

Adding the “Services” Section

When adding services to your brochure, you might include a section on the technology that is used in your practice as well as before-and-after photos. FAQs and testimonials may also be included under the “Services” section(s) of your brochure.

Optional Information You May Want to Consider Adding

In some instances, orthodontists include a form for new patients in a brochure. Information about insurance and payment options is featured as are the office or clinic hours and email address.

Before & After Photos

Gallery images should feature before-and-after photos of actual patients, not standard stock images. The best galleries on a brochure present testimonials and close-up before-and-after images. Links to videos may be added too.

Contact Details

The contact information should be easily seen. Make sure you print your phone number, email, and primary physical address. You may also want to include directions to your practice. A listing of the communities you serve may be featured as well.

Treatment Policies

You may want to add content about your policies for treating children and adults. Again, consider a tri-fold brochure as a mini website – a tool that you can used to direct people to your actual website and practice.

Displaying and Featuring Your Brochures

Once you have the brochure printed, make sure it is nicely displayed in your office. You can feature your brochures in a brochure rack or include the orthodontic pamphlets with patient bills. Also, ask other dental providers if you can feature your brochure in their offices. For example, you may want to approach local general dentists about featuring your brochure in their front office.

Highly Engaging and Valuable

Brochures are ideal local marketing tools. Use them to introduce your practice and its services and to increase your revenue. When you inter-connect their use with your website, you will find that they will prove to be highly engaging and valuable. Talk to us today at OrthoPrintSoruce.com about your bi-fold or tri-fold brochure needs.

Brochure Services

You can count on us here at OrthoPrintSource.com to print high-resolution, colorful, and informative brochures for your practice. We offer the following services when printing these premium pamphlets:

  • Full color printing
  • Vibrant, state-of-the-art colors
  • Custom sizes – Besides tri-fold designs, we feature other fold options in small to large sizes.
  • Quality paper – We provide various paper stocks and finishes and print paper on 100 lb. gloss book.
  • Rush printing is performed for customers who need to have their printing done quickly. We can air ship any print product to you.
  • Bulk Order Processing

When placing an order, you can order bulk quantities of the following:

  • 1,000 brochures
  • 2,500 brochures
  • 5,000 brochures
An Affordable Price

Brochures provided in quantity are offered at one affordable price. We use a four-color process, employing the colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) to intensify and enhance the images and text. A glossy finish is normally featured to make the content and photos stand out.

Color Display Options

When printing a brochure, you can choose from the following color display options:

  • 4/0 displays full color on the front while the backside is left blank.
  • 4/1 displays a full color front and a black back.
  • 4/4 provides a front and back that is full-color.

Typically, most orthodontic clients prefer 4/4 when designing and printing a brochure.

Quick Delivery and Rush Service

We take pride in the fact that we also offer a quick delivery time. We can turn around a printing project in two to five days, or you can ask about rush service. Normally, rush orders can be delivered in three days from the time we receive the artwork.

Contact Us Today

Allow us to assist you in designing the ideal brochure. Contact us here, at OrthoPrintSource.com about designing and printing an educational or marketing brochure for your practice.

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