Orthodontic Practice Brochures

Orthodontic brochures are often overlooked as a marketing tool for orthodontic practices. The truth is, brochures can not only market your services but also increase brand awareness with your current patients and potential patients. Having practice brochures mailed to current and new patients will remind them of your practice’s existing services and update them on any new products and services you may be offering. It’s also important to keep eye-catching, full color orthodontic brochures around the office to create awareness of your current business offerings. Make sure they are easily visible with brilliant colors and designs so waiting patients or patient’s parents will pick them up instead of a magazine.

Another reason to make orthodontic brochures a key marketing tool for your practice is they are an easy way to give out more information when at tradeshows, meetings, or various networking events. When at meetings or different business events brochures can be a valuable compliment to presentation folders and business cards because the contain brief, but relevant information on your practice and its services. When given a nicely laid out folded brochure, most people will open it up to briefly review the contents and even if they don’t use your services right away, they will usually hold on to it for future reference.

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