Rip Cards For Orthodontists

Orthodontic Specialty Rack Card

Orthodontic RIP or Tear-off Cards

Orthodontic RIP cards or tear-off cards are unique as they allow you to share your contact details or special offers by using a business-sized card in conjunction with a door hanger, postcard, or flyer. For instance, you can use the cards as follows:

  • To provide information to patients 
  • To present a special offer to obtain referrals from patients
RIP Card Choices

This type of print collateral enables you to gather information from prospects or patients while leaving important information with them. We, at, can create a custom RIP card in the following formats:

  • A tear-off business-sized card with a door hanger
  • A tear-off business-sized card with a flyer
  • A tear-off business-sized card with a postcard
Making a Color Selection

All our RIP cards are printed using our innovative and state-of-the-art four-color print process. We combine cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to provide you with a premium and professional-looking card. Color choices include the following:

  • 4/0 – A full color front and blank back
  • 4/1 – A full color front and black back
  • 4/4 – A full color front and full color back
Available Quantities

We, at offer our RIP cards in quantities of 250, 500, or 1,000. Call or email us for pricing.

By using the best in paper products and coatings, we can ensure a professional and polished looking card. Therefore, we offer the following premium card stocks and coatings:

  • 14 point gloss coated or premium uncoated
  • 16 point dull cover with a matte finish
  • Recycled 100lb dull cover with a matte finish
RIP Card Sizes

You can choose from a variety of sizes for your RIP card design. Following are our regular offerings:

  • RIP card and door hanger – 3.5” x 11”
  • RIP card and flyer – 3.5” x 11”
  • RIP card and postcard – 3/5” x 8.5”
Custom Sizes

If you do not see a size you like, you can always design your card in a custom size. We, at, feature a variety of custom sizes for our RIP card designs.

Turnaround and Delivery

We turn around RIP card orders in four to eight days. For recycled and 16-point paper, add another three days.

Rush Delivery

If you are pinched for time, ask us about putting a Rush order through for your RIP cards. Usual turnaround time is three days from the receipt of your artwork. Please ask one of our sales representatives about the delivery time so we can meet your requirements.

Increase the Level of Patient Engagement

No doubt about it, our orthodontic RIP cards increase the level of patient engagement. As noted, these perforated cards are ideal choices for boosting brand exposure or providing an exciting discount or offer. 

The two-in-one card and door hanger, flyer, or postcard permits you to promote your services while simultaneously providing a discount, appointment card, or business card. It is not surprising then that these cards are regularly used to increase new patient responses or existing customer engagements.

Why You Need RIP Cards for Your Practice

We, at, can assist you in creating a design and message that will give you a competitive edge in the orthodontic field. When it comes to direct mail, you cannot afford not to use RIP cards for your practice.

Popular Uses for Orthodontic RIP Cards

Some of the popular uses for perforated RIP cards include the following:

  • Featuring orthodontic services
  • Promoting special events
  • Offering discounts 
  • Providing event tickets
  • Distributing raffle tickets
  • Offering contact information
  • Providing appointment cards
Aligning and Formatting Your Rip Card Design

If you choose a postcard, flyer, or brochure that features a perforated card, the RIP card portion is normally presented on the side or in a corner. We, at, can work with you to ensure that both your advertising and card are nicely aligned. 

Adding Your Business Card

If you are featuring your business card as a RIP card on a postcard, the postcard will present your message along with an eye-catching photograph. Your contact details are presented on the perforated business-sized card. 

Checking the Response Rate

Check your response rate by including a RIP card on a flyer. If your business cards disappear, you know you are receiving positive feedback.

Are You Holding an Event at Your Office?

When holding an event, it is best to choose a door hanger or flyer and tear away card. The RIP card should feature details about the event, such as the time, contact information, and location. 

Use a RIP Card and Postcard for Appointment Setting

Many orthodontists use RIP cards for appointment setting. In this case, it is best to use a combination postcard and RIP card. Use the postcard as a reminder and the appointment card for recording the date and time of the appointment.

Offer Discounts and Coupons

You can also use a RIP card and postcard combination for discounts and coupons. Use the postcard to highlight your services and the RIP card for the discount or coupon. 

Membership Cards

Another postcard and RIP card combo involves the use of membership cards. Use membership cards as reward cards to incentivize loyal patients. The membership or tear-off card, for example, may be used for special discounts or an orthodontic accessory.

Two-in-one Promotional Tools

Just consider RIP cards as two-in-one promotional tools for your practice. The RIP cards we provide offer a clear perforation – one that can be easily torn off by prospects and patients. 

Expand Your Professional Reach in a Unique Way

When the RIP card is removed, the other part of the product can still be used to highlight your services or promote an event or discount. As a result, RIP cards can be used in one of a variety of creative ways. If you want to expand your professional reach in a unique way, a tear card that is attached to a brochure, flyer, or postcard will give you the edge you need. 

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Contact us here, at, about your RIP card needs today. We can coordinate a marketing plan with you that will help you see both repeat business and an increase in revenue.

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