Orthodontic Logo Designs

Logos in their simplest form are just an image that identifies a business. When it comes to an orthodontic logo most of the images that come to mind are a set of straight smiling teeth, or teeth covered in braces, or a singular tooth with some nifty design. Although these are great images that perfectly represent the services offered in any practice, it is also important to make your orthodontist logo stand out.

A great starting point is to take a look at these straight-forward orthodontic logos and identify the company logos you like and do not like. Take the orthodontist’s logos that are interesting and use this as a basis to expand and create your own design and really think about what type of organizational culture you want to portray to patients about your own practice.

If your office specializes in taking care of families, and treats everyone as family, you should think about having an orthodontic logo of a simplified family image tied together by braces. If your office is more upscale and on the higher side of orthodontic pricing then try using rich colors like gold or burgundy with a clean, basic, and classy-looking design. If you tend to be one of those people that hit a road block when it comes to creativity feel free to find a professional marketing business that provides design help, like orthoprintsource.com and give them an idea of your likes and dislikes when it comes to orthodontic logos.

When forming an orthodontic logo though, you must not only think of what symbol or mark will encompass what your practice represents, but also what type of orthodontic brand you want to portray. Orthodontic logos and branding walk hand in hand to form a perceived image of your practice. Orthodontic branding is the personality of a company and expands from the logo into the name, slogan, sign, color combination, and even sometimes the typeface used. It’s important to think about orthodontic logos and branding to maintain a cohesive and consistent awareness when marketing different products and services. Besides, your logo and brand will be on all your envelopes, letterhead, and business cards.

We offer unlimited Orthodontic Logo Design changes, so you get the exact brand or logo your deserve!

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