Orthodontic Marketing With Postcards

Marketing with a quality postcard design is a beneficial tool for any small business wanting to generate sales leads and boost traffic to their website. One of the reasons postcard marketing works so well is that it isn’t hidden by an envelope. When someone pulls an orthodontic postcard out of their mailbox, they can instantly see the brightly colored images and wording because it’s physically in the their hands and exposed the minute they remove the card from their mailbox. Not only does this create successful exposure of your orthodontic office but also orthodontic postcards are less costly to mail than other forms of direct mail. Sending out print media, such as letters, brochures, flyers, or coupons will require the use of an envelope, which increases the cost of postage per mailer.

When trying to market products like Invisalign or Incognito for your office, its important to develop a well laid out orthodontic postcard. One tip that people hear a lot for any type of print advertising is to try and diminish the amount of content. Excessive wording or content on an orthodontic postcard can become messy, confusing, or take more time to read than the average consumer is willing to give to an advertisement. When creating the message for an orthodontic postcard you want to try to make the wording friendly and personal. Prevent the content from sounding like a sales pitch because most consumers have taught themselves to tune out or be skeptical of advertisements that sound like this.

When tackling the artwork side of your orthodontic postcard try to make the design simple with bold colors. A picture of the office staff is a good way to promote the personal aspect of your orthodontic postcard by characterizing your office as the friendly neighborhood orthodontic team. Too many pictures or frilly designs can distract from the content and make the appearance look scattered and unprofessional. When designing the layout of the information, try to eliminate big bulging paragraphs. Instead try to separate sentences, limit the amount of full sentences, and add bullet points. An orthodontic postcard should not be where your sales pitch is made but instead should create the substantial awareness of your orthodontic practice.

Just remember when choosing whether or not an orthodontic postcard will be beneficial to your practice just remember that this type of marketing is simple, has a low cost, and a high impact.

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